About Us

With 30 plus years of experience in the facility services and management industry, DNR works as a team to help set your facility apart from the others.  Our business is fueled by the quality of individuals who we hire that utilize a proven method of self-performance, promoting both efficiency and decreased overhead costs.

Since the start of DNR in Texas, it has helped to improve its business sector by assisting companies in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

We know that there are dozens of other options when it comes to hiring a facility services and management company, but we stray away from those standard practices.  What sets us apart is the way we do things, like taking care of business directly rather than using a subcontractor; so we can ensure that the quality of work is always exceptional.


What Allows Us To Improve Overall Efficiency While Still Retaining a High Quality Workforce?

  • By integrating our facility services and management program, we are able utilize all of the necessary resources that are needed in order to properly maintain your facility. This includes commercial janitorial services, HVAC, electrical, and other additional offerings.  With that, we are able to keep overhead costs at a minimum and still provide the best service possible.
  • DNR uses proven tactics and techniques that promote efficiency, as well as a high quality output. Our teams are trained to provide tailored services that are going to be of great benefit to your facility.
  • We provide all of the services you need instead of subcontracting to others, so your company can rest assure that a strong team will be handpicked to provide the best outcome for your facility.
  • Efficiency tests are often conducted in order to figure out what is working best for your facility and to also find out if there are any areas of improvement. We analyze employee performance as well as project expenses to summarize results and trends for each project.


Because we are able to offer facility services and management in a single integrated package, your company is provided with reasonable costs; in addition to a remarkable team of individuals that will ensure high quality results.  These services are bundled together to eliminate those extra costs that may come along with subcontracting various resources.

Our team is here to drive results and always keep your facility running adequately.

Should you have any questions about DNR Facility Services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (210) 593-0471.

Feel free to email us by going to our Contact page if you are interested in our integrated facility management solutions.