How To Decide On A Commercial Facility Management Company

May 12, 2014

How To Decide On A Commercial Facility Management Company

Is your facility in need of a commercial janitorial service to clean up after guests or employees? Does your facility’s plumbing require frequent maintenance and you are tired of contacting subcontractors all of the time? Commercial facility management services give you a chance to solve your facility problems in one swoop.These companies have years of experience selecting and training workers who are experts in fields such as electricity, plumbing, janitorialwork and air conditioning.

Your facility is busy as it is, so why take time and money calling out subcontractors or trying to handle all of these tasks yourself when you can simply hire a facility management service to do it all for you? You probably don’t have the expertise to handle a broken pipe, and when you hire a subcontractor you are often sacrificing quality for a very low price.

Let’s learn how you can decide on the best commercial facility management service for your needs.


Choose An Option With Loads of Testimonials

Does the commercial facility management service you’re looking into have testimonials on its website? Testimonials are always positive, but it means that the company has good relationships with its customers. It’s also an indication that these customers have been around for a long time. When customers go out of their way to write a testimonial or even sit down for a video testimonial it’s a sign that the commercial facility management service is doing something right. You can also look up less biased reviews by searching online or even asking other people who have used the services.


Look For a Company That Provides Integrated Services

Commercial facility management services often subcontract the majority of their work to make it cheaper for them. Unfortunately the additional subcontracting costs get passed onto you. This makes it more expensive for your facility and you don’t receive high quality workers for your money.

Seek out a commercial facility management service that offers integrated services. This ensures that the company hires its own workers and they leverage the saved money to find the best talent possible.


How Long Has The Service Been in the Game?

If a commercial facility management service has just started up or they only have two or three years of experience then it’s safe to say that you might not get the quality you desire. Check with your sources and find out exactly how long each commercial facility management service has been in business. It’s also wise to check in on what services the company offers.

Do they provide janitorial services but no HVAC? Are they focused on electrical work, but they don’t offer anything in terms of plumbing? These are areas that you want to check into before hiring a company. You can look on company websites for information and seek out reviews and ratings from other people.


Now it’s your turn to contribute. Let us know in the comments section if you have ever hired a facility management service for your building. How did it go? Are you considering hiring a service, but you can’t decide on the right match? Share your experiences and we will try to answer all of your questions.

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