DNR is here to serve as a key contributor to help improve overall efficiency for your facility.  Not only do we offer commercial janitorial, but we also provide HVAC, electrical, and other additional services that are available for your convenience—By choosing us to maintain all of your facility needs, you also  avoid the hassle of dealing with other companies that usually tend to value quantity over quality.

What comes with selecting DNR Facility Services?


Commercial Janitorial Services

Let DNR be your number one choice for commercial janitorial services and rest assure that your facility is in great hands.  From cubical areas to kitchens and everything in between, we will always provide you with outstanding results when it comes to your facility’s overall appearance.  We use the best products and equipment on the market to accompany our meticulous processes in order to help your building stand-out in the most positive way.  Our company will tend to all of your janitorial needs—even getting out that pesky little coffee stain in the conference room that is supposed to hold a corporate meeting the next day.



Not only do we pride ourselves in having a strong team, but we also take pride in that fact that it includes specialists that are certified in this specific area and are always on call when it is essential to better serve your facility.  Take comfort in knowing that DNR Facility Services will always have a solution for all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs.



Should any electrical problems arise, DNR is here to keep you out of the dark.  Just like our HVAC specialists, our electricians are certified in this particular area and are here to ensure that everything is operating smoothly within your facility.



For inquiries about how we can be of service or to schedule an appointment to hear more about us, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (210)593-0471.