When Does Your Office Need Facility Management Company

May 14, 2014

When Does Your Office Need Facility Management Company

Commercial facility management services are often needed in large facilities. As a facility manager you might try to keep costs low and maintain the entire facility with your current staff, but as you expand you’ll start to notice that you need particular expertise to solve problems with plumbing, electrical and even janitorial.

Is your current staff prepared to throw out the garbage everyday or mop the floors? Is anyone even qualified to handle an electrical or plumbing problem? The main reason you want to hire a commercial facility management service is because it decreases your liability. If someone gets hurt fixing a light switch and they don’t have the credentials needed to handle such a job, you might be considered negligent.

Let’s learn when you need to hire a commercial facility management service to assist in your day to day facility maintenance.


When You Need To Clean Up Your Facility

A well trained commercial janitorial staff is key if you want to keep your employees and customers happy. Imagine if there are full garbage cans or disgusting bathroom facilities. Your cleanliness is a direct reflection on the type of facility you run, and you can lose customers and tick off employees who work there everyday. Hire a commercial facility management service if you can’t clean up after your entire staff everyday. If you run a business where customers come into the facility consistently then they probably have to get cleaned up after.


When You Need Help With Your Air Conditioning

Are you in need of a new air conditioning system? Is it becoming apparent that the air conditioning system requires maintenance on a consistent basis? A well trained commercial facility management service provides HVAC professionals who keep your AC and heating running at an optimal level. This helps everyone feel comfortable while in your facility and it cuts down on utility bills.


When You Need Help With Your Plumbing

If a pipe breaks or a toilet is clogged then it becomes unpleasant for everyone. The problem is that most of these issues don’t surface for a while. With a commercial facility management service you receive dedicated plumbers to fix all of your plumbing needs. If you are starting to notice that you can’t manage the plumbing systems yourself then look into a service.


When You Need Assistance With Electricity

Some electrical problems can be solved yourself, but once you start making your current staff complete electrical jobs you can get in some trouble. If you need assistance with electricity then you’re better off hiring a commercial facility management service. This allows you to stay away from liabilities and the jobs are completed better.


Now it’s your turn to share your story. Let us know in the comments section if you have ever hired a commercial facility management service. How did it go? Are you planning on hiring a service and you just can’t pull the trigger for some reason? Share your thoughts and concerns so we can help you out.

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